Wider Reading

A new page has gone up containing wider reading suggestions.  These were submitted by a colleague from Hanham!  Many thanks, you are the first!  Let’s hope that this is the start of the landslide…  More contributions please!  This site will be as comprehensive and useful as we make it!


Waiting for Godot

A new page has gone up containing resources for Beckett’s most famous play. While the resources here were created for the English Language and Literature A Level, I imagine they may be useful for The Struggle for Modern Identity, and to a lesser extent, Love Through the Ages. The Truth About Love anthology contains a Godot extract and as Beckett himself said of the play, “It’s all symbiosis”.
The playscript is an improved (!) adaptation of the one available as a free ebook from Project Gutenberg. For instance, in this version all stage directions are italicized, thus making it easier to read and comprehend. The PG version is the American version which differs slightly from the British. Where possible I have ammended the text to get it closer to the superior (!?) British version… However, not all changes have been made as I have not spotted all of them – there are whole texts dedicated to discussion of the differences – and as such it is something of a bastardization of the two. There are also a large number of errors in the PG text many of which I have corrected. However, if you spot any more, please let me know and I will ammend as necessary.

Peer observation

At our last meeting we discussed the possibility of filming lessons as an alternative to observations.  What I would like to do is build up a bank of films, each one focussing on a particular area of teaching and learning; for example, questioning. These would then be available for teachers to view and thus learn from their colleagues in areas they felt their teaching could be improved.   At present I have no classes and so can’t volunteer!!!  Perhaps someone else would be prepared to step forward?!  Please let me know if you’d mind being filmed.  Rest assured, the films will not be uploaded onto this site!

I have attached a film of an A Level Literature lesson.  To be frank, while there are positives in the lesson, I don’t think it is particularly useful, though it did make me reflect on how the lesson could be improved…  If anyone knows of any sites that have films of really good lessons (or even ‘outstanding’ ones…) then please let me know and I’ll try to get them uploaded, or at least provide a link.


Two new categories have gone up – World War 1 links which will take you to various websites – Non-fiction love – and there have been additions made to the Course Outline folder.

Send me anything useful or interesting to add to the site.