Peer observation

At our last meeting we discussed the possibility of filming lessons as an alternative to observations.  What I would like to do is build up a bank of films, each one focussing on a particular area of teaching and learning; for example, questioning. These would then be available for teachers to view and thus learn from their colleagues in areas they felt their teaching could be improved.   At present I have no classes and so can’t volunteer!!!  Perhaps someone else would be prepared to step forward?!  Please let me know if you’d mind being filmed.  Rest assured, the films will not be uploaded onto this site!

I have attached a film of an A Level Literature lesson.  To be frank, while there are positives in the lesson, I don’t think it is particularly useful, though it did make me reflect on how the lesson could be improved…  If anyone knows of any sites that have films of really good lessons (or even ‘outstanding’ ones…) then please let me know and I’ll try to get them uploaded, or at least provide a link.


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